CMS & eCommerce Development

Why CMS?

TIS delivers quality works on various open source content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and OsCommerce. User-friendly nature and easy-maintenance of a cms website made it very popular among content management system lovers. Content management cms freedom of handling it on your own made it popular in creating a blog site.

What is CMS?

For any kind of business like books shop, electronic shops, web design and development company, college promotion, school promotion, education platform, corporate sector, real estate sector, blog site, gallery sites and many other verities all most all types of websites can be handles singly through a cms system. In a cms website you can create, edit, modify and remove content through your content management system without relying on webmaster.Content management systems are very affordable and user-friendly in managing the overall website. Whole website's control always remains in your hand.


e-Commerce Development

Why E-commerce Development?

We deliver the optimum E-Commerce solution magento development, oscommerce development customized or chosen by with the integration of features demanded by clients. E-Commerce refers to two way products/services online buy or sell. E-Commerce may be referred as an online trading. People are referring to E-Commerce websites as because of easy shopping. A Businessman is referring E-Commerce websites for trade as it's the most powerful and simple way to reach virtually to the geographical unreachable clients.

What is E-commerce Development?

In few seconds we are connecting to more than half billion online users. More than 40% of online users are referring to online shopping. E-Commerce simplicity to buy/sell a product or services is enticing the people to take advantage of it. Simultaneously market growing at rapid pace, competition making it more tough. Owners regularly try to optimize their E-Commerce website to bit the completion level down. People are narrowing their mind to find the best E-Commerce development for their regular needs. Every company has to follow the same rule of existence, their website should be up-to-date according to the demands.

CMS & eCommerce Development Service Includes


Open the total potential of WordPress with our bespoke services. Working towards expanding the usefulness of your WordPress site, our profoundly experienced development team delivers world-class solutions that are congruous with assorted trade prerequisites.



Our WooCommerce development Team with 16 years of experience provides the most powerful and flexible way to add an e-commerce store to your website. Our Expert WooCommerce developers build powerful, fully featured and optimized online store for your busines.



We offer cutting edge cake PHP development services, Cake PHP framework development, Cake PHP programming & Cake PHP outsourcing services sophisticated organization all around the globe. We are backed by a talented team of CakePHP developers who are capable at delivering custom CakePHP solutions tailored to your requirements.



Codeigniter is an open-source and lightweight PHP framework. It is a powerful framework for software developers to build dynasmic and instinctive web applications. Our developers are well versed with Codeigniter and use this framework effectively to build elegant and full- featured web applications.


Yii is an open-source web application framework used for developing websites integrating jQuery and performs on Ajax-enabled widgets. Our leading Yii Framework team is delivering world-class Development services that help you to reach your aim for the success of your business.



TIS have a dexterous team of professionals known for creating stunning and powerful Laravel based solution that will meet your specific user and business need. TIS is developing highly secure, error-free, competitive and flexible Web Applications with our expert Laravel developers.



PHP has come a long way since its inception and numerous respected companies have trusted PHP to build their application. We have proficient team of PHP developers have command over core and advanced PHP and they leave no stone unturned to provide custom web application work exactly as the client requirements.



Our highly skilled developers are specialized to develop powerful and enrich web applications implementing Zend framework. Zend is among the foremost prominent MVC based PHP framework well known for its flexibility in caching subsystem with support for many types of backends.


Our Android app development team has years of experience to provide advanced & cutting-edge Android app development solutions for your business. With years of experience, we are delivering digitized business solutions with custom and innovative Android app development services.



We have proficient team of NODEJS JavaScript Framework. They leave no stone unturned to provide custom web application work exactly as the client requirements. We create design-friendly and efficient applications using the asynchronous JavaScript runtime environment of Node.js.



ReactJS is an open-source library for building user interfaces. It helps in creating modern single page or SSR applications that consume APIs which is quite similar to the way mobile apps work. Our expert team can assure you of our extensive expertise and knowledge regarding ReactJS for your project requirement.



It is open-source, progressive framework, VueJs features a JS library that promises to deliver futuristic applications for the user. With our expert VueJs team, we are providing you with comprehensive and cost-effective services to build dynamic, smooth, and high-performance user interfaces.


Cost effective, Faster development, Fully customizable and Rich performance this is what Open Source Development defines itself. We deliver quality driven, fully customized, highly fictional and user friendly web application to not just for small businesses but for corporate as well.



24/7 support means Real Time Support. We are not only delivering your application but are always with you for any trouble shoot or assistance. Delivering support to our partners when they are in need by providing digital channels like Live Chat, Call, Send a request and Knowledge base FAQ. Depending upon your priority, our support team is available 24/7 for you.